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Geneva Airport

So I am here at the airport (without being flashed), and this is my outfit! Since I am a blogger now I guess I have to practice my selfies 😂🙋🤔

Since I am just going to go back and forward over the day I just travel in my riding clothes!

Yeah, I am wearing the Uggs 😂 

Check out the black Murberry my best friend Trine is going to borrow until her LV is fixed😍 the black bag was the first present Francois❤️ gave me🎀so I am very proud about it

Not gonna eat or drink anything here, cause I have big plans on napping on the plane! (And I become awake of drinking and eating 😂) Have to land in Brussels first, then change plane and head over to Billund! 

While I am waiting here at the airport I am checking out the new collection from Hermes🎀, beautiful! Very horsie🐴🐴

I do suspect that Francois❤️ already got me something for Valentine’s Day, but I can always put some on the wishing list for my birthday 🎂 (although it is in May😋) 

Time to go to the gate! Catch you guys later 😘

2 thoughts on “Geneva Airport”

  1. Oh you’re in Brussels 🤗 Starbucks every girl her weakness! Hopefully 1 day I see you riding in Belgium (zangersheide 😀) would be a privilege. Love from Belgium ❤ Joke

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