About last night 💖

Still in bed, but are going to put out clothes on and head down for breakfast! We did not decide jet what we are going to do today, but for sure riding in the afternoon/evening.  Got these pictures from Skin yesterday, she’s taking good care when I am here 💖thanks Skin

So, about last night😍 Got dressed and went down to the main restaurant 

Dinner was wonderful, 7 courses😋

They had even decorated with small marzipan hearts

After eating we went to the bar and had some drinks, and listen to the live music! Check out this bar, so beautiful 💎

Here are some more pictures of my dress, I think it is so special 🎀

After the perfect Valentine’s evening with my dream man❤️ (that I fighted a hard fight to rescue and have, the story about that will come later) we went to the room, and gues what he gave me😂 he told me that he wanted to make me wait since I wrapped it myself 😂 but I did not open it before I wrapped it! Swear 😇 Anyway: here it is, he apparently know how I love the red and green together 

The hotel is beautiful and even has its own sport shop, flower shop and hair dresser, and gym 🏃‍♀️+ spa🏊🏝🏖

I looked on instagram that a lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day, same when it was Christmas, a lot of people wrote that they does not like Christmas. And that is okey to, but I want to tell you why I love these holidays. -It is because then I have something to look forward to, so not everyday is a normal work day. I think about the holidays and I fantasize what I will do for the once I love, even when I had no money at all before I fantasize what I would do, I looked for small presents at sale, and I was dreaming about taking time together and happiness. When I saw post like this one, witn people going to great hotels and doing stuff I could not afford at that time, I was not sad or jealous, I was thinking that will be me someday, but for now I am going to enjoy what I have and the wonderful people in my life! And take the wonderful pictures of others as a inspiration for my future⭐️☀️

Have a wonderful day guys, and spread the love 💖

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