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Hard work is so much fun

So after making it at the 4 year old chamionship we went back to working really hard with all the lovely horses at the Stud farm!

At that time I did not have a lorry/truck license and I could not drive the big horse truck! Out owner Susanne’s husband John used to drive us to the shows when he had the time, and if not they hired this guy, Christian Fix to drive us! Christian is now the owner of DHT, Danish Horse Transport! They drive everywhere and are top, just google it if you need a good transport 

Me singing on the way to the show😂

We did loads of competitions and the whole team was really stepping up to the task!

The girls ware super, and everybody did the maximum !

Me and Karina even saved a bird, and made a basked up in the air so the cat could not eat it, in a way so the mother still could come and feed him!

We had a lot to do, and even though we ware suppose to work 8-16, we all happily put in a extra effort! I came around 6 they would take turns so : one of the would come 07.00-07.30. I had already ridden two horses before 08.00, the they would stay and helped me to 18.00 almost every day!

Although it was a lot of work, we had so much fun, everybody gave there best everyday! 

The girls would help me warm up the horses! Ride them in the forest and also some of them in dressage! 

We saw progress everyday!

Although I loved working at Alfarvad, and I loved the team, the horses and Bøgeskovhale, it was time for me to go and explore some new adventures. Follow my journey in the next post

Some videos of the Alfarvad horses

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