World Cup final in Holland

After me and Francois had meet in Gothenburg, he gave me his email address and I wrote him a email.
He phone me back the same day, I asked him in the email if it was possible to buy a bracelet for the World Cup final in Holland. Francois horses Carlina had won the World Cup in Oslo and Helsinki together with Pius and the whole team was going there! 

Francois said yes of course I could get a bracelet, and that he would meet me there, because his young horses was jumping in Lummen/Belgium.

Indoor Brabant :

That is not far from S’Hertogenbosh were the World Cup final was that year. Francois plan was to see his Younghorses in Lummen in the morning, and his top 5* Grand Prix horses in S’Hertogenbosh in the evening! 
He also said that I should bring some riding clothes, and that I could try some horses he thought I could start to ride.

Since me and Francois had meet in Gothenburg I had moved from Alfarvad and was working in Lemvig. I was the daily manager and 1. rider together with the daughter of the owner.

The weekend of S’Hertogenbosh came, and I meet Francois at Indoor Barbant, the Arena Thursday evening. As planed we went to Lummen and saw the horses Friday and Saturday morning!


I only tried one horse, Coupe De Cour a 6 year old mare by Coupe de Couer, that had been a little difficult to ride. Me and the mare got a long great and Francois decided on the spot that she would come to Danmark and join my team on horses.
Back to the World Cup Final, Pius and Ulysse won the first round, he took Carlina in the final and came 3. What a weekend for Francois and his team!

Just before Coupe De Cour was leaving from Belgium to come to me, Francois called me and told me he would send another horse also, Nash. And so he did! 

At this point me and Francois was still just friends and I was starting to work for him.
Pictures from Lemvig and some of the horses there

We had time for Loads of social and baking 😋🎂

To be continued 

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