A new VLOGG πŸ˜‰

My story that I am telling you daily on my blog post, – I know we are just a couple of post from writing something very hard and painful for me. 

A period in my life, you would never believe when you see me today, whatI had have been trough. 

So everyday I’m getting closer to write about that part  I am less and less motivated to have this blog. But I feel I need to cheer it with you if I am going to be a blogger. And when the stats are not top top, it also not so motivating. I mean, I have 57.2 K on instagram, should have at least 10 000 readers everyday. Anyway, if you do like my blog, you can help me spread it, on social media like facebook and so on! 

Here comes my VLOGG, it is totally embarrassing, but if it was to “PRO” it would also be boring to watch!  

6 thoughts on “A new VLOGG πŸ˜‰”

  1. One faithful reader you have for sure,Eva! Love the way you write and share your life experience. Keep going – blogging takes time! Instagram is for pictures and here need to come people which like to read! ❀

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  2. Hi Eva, thank you so much for a good and inspiring blog πŸ™‚ I loved you Vlog! Which kind of bit, would you use on a horse like Ice Tea?

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