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Taking a break fro my story and are going to write about everyday life for a while!So today is Sunday, and yesterday the dentist was here for the horses!

Francois is always very engaged in what happens so he can help me if it is something

He did all the 6 horse we have here in Bex!
After the teeth was finished I locked the horses outside their boxes, because they were drugged and not suppose to eat anything for one and a half hour!

And my solution was just so super, instead of tying the horse up in a rope inside the box, i just looked them out! They were not so amused by it 😂
On Friday I jumped with Duc, Ice Tea and Alf!

Pictures of me and Duc💖

Some of me and Ice

And some 😂😂😂🙋🐴

Alf’i 💫

We are planing to go to a show soon so I am practicing lines and combinations that can accrue at shows!

Horses was great, although I was still very weak after being sick!
Today I did my first accessing session in one week, I was afraid I would have lost a lot, but it felt pretty okey!

Guess that was the most exciting thing to write about today, the horses had the day of since they might have mouth pain after the dentist session!

Oh yeah, we went also for shopping on Saturday in Lausanne, (Francois wanted to have a head start on my birthday present🙋🎁🛍🎀)  did not find anything, I am just so grateful for my wonderful life with him❤

You are PERFECT❤ in my eyes

I’ll drop in tomorrow, just one question, would you guys like to have post with outfit pictures, what kind of bits and equipment I use?

Post like that?

Or what would you like?

11 thoughts on “Everyday ”

  1. Hi Eva!!! Greetings from Mexico! I have been reading your blog and is amazing what you have been through and still be such a nice and positive person. Please keep writing!
    And it would be awesome if you post about the equipment you use.
    Thank you very much. Have a super nice day or night hahaha

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  2. Heey, soo nice to read your blog!
    You’re soo motivated, im proud of you! About stuff-really interesting! And I think better blog and not vlog!:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi! I like your idea. It would be great! 😊 I really like your Vloggs, so I think if you have enough of time and you aren’t lazy, make Vloggs of your stuff and outfit! 😃
    Greetings from Lithuania 😄
    Have a good night ☺

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  4. Det vore jättekul att även få läsa lite om utrustning osv 😊. Din blogg är intressant och inspirerande tycker jag, föredrar dock skrivande mit vlogg 🙈. Ha en bra dag! 🦄🌸


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