March 2017, Okategoriserade

My day

Woke up early and had the day perfect planed

Today’s me

Skin my groom was going to the shoeing place with Duc, so I started the day with some dressage with him

Focused on today to ride him deep and forward, almost making him looooong, with the hindlegs pushing! He was a really good boy! Still a bit chili in the morning, but during the day we had 20+ degrees and big ☀️sun!

Just when Skin and Duc was ready and were suppose to leave a problem with the trailer accrued and instead of them going to the blacksmith, it ended up with me taking the trailer to reparation! They made me wait for ever, so it had some time to waste, updated my insta and enjoyed some sun!

Finished the day with riding Alf and Ice!

Both doing dressage, Ice also did some poles, focusing a lot on making him gallop in the turn and wait for the pole! At the same time staying up and in balance on the hind, not easy, we both was swimming in sweat!

Alf is just a dream, he was relaxed and very nice, he’s right side in the mouth already feels better after the dentist! So happy about it! Mostly with him today, long and low horse!

Now I am slacking on the sofa at home with my darling❤ going to make dinner and then early bed!

2 thoughts on “My day”

  1. You should do a post about the horses you own/ride currently! I’m sure your readers and me would enjoy learning more about the horses we see you ride!

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