April 2017, Okategoriserade, SHOPPING


Yesterday night wrapping presents for Skin 😃Had planed to surprise her in the morning, she had no idea! Also told her parents and her sisters so they could follow live on insta

Presents ready to go

Went to the local Gas Station and bought two of her favorite croissants, put music on the car and went to knock on her door! Took a while before she opened, but I just keep on knocking 😂 she thought is was a creepy neighbor! I gave her the croissants, she got dressed and then I took her to Starbucks 

At Starbucks she got what ever she wanted and I paid 💁 When we had gotten the food and sat down I surprised her with presents 🎂😃  After having a good time at Starbucks we went for our favorite Mouintain walk 

And took the train down 

Time for the horses, I jumped with Duc, Alf and Ice Tea today! We trained to jump a 3 combination! Went super

DUC 🐴🥕The best carrot eater

Alf’i 💫🌤🐴

And Ice Tea ❄️🍹Check out the air over the oxer  Francois was really happy with my riding today and the horses jumping 😃😍❤ 

Now I have to quick shower, change my clothes quick so we can go to Skins birthday party in Vevey 

Really happy with my outfit today , but mostly happy about how I surprised Skin, that had her family on the other side of the world

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