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Touch down Oliva Nova MET

Last stop and feeding before we arrived in Oliva! The trip went really well and the 3 chestnuts traveled well!

 When we arrived in Oliva it was already dark, but who cares when I had gotten boxes beside my best friend Hannah😍 she is sponsored by just riding,- as you can see 

The first thing we do when we arrive is to get the boxes, take the horses out and quickly hang up water to them and feed them hay! I ordered 12 balls of shaving so they got 4 each, nice soft bed for them! 

After that we take out the equipment 

And of course all Ice Tea’a mascots!

After that we lead the horses about 20/30 min each!

Now it is bed time!

5 thoughts on “Touch down Oliva Nova MET”

  1. Good luck in the show, Eva! 🍀 I now, you and your chestnut unicorns can do the best 🦄😊
    And i have a little question for You 🤔 Where do You use a bunch of Ice Tea unicorns? 😂 One unicorn as I see is going to hang in his stall, but how about the others? 😀 Maybe they are his cheerleaders? 💫

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wish you good luck at the show ☘ even now you’re not feeling well.
    Hope you feel better soon, so you can ride, jump and win!!! 🏆🏆 but I know you’re already a winner after all you’ve been trough 👊🖒

    Liked by 1 person

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