April 2017, Competition, Okategoriserade, SHOPPING, Travel

Wednesday in Oliva

Feeling a lot better today! Eat 2 digestive crackers and one banana for breakfast! And have been able to keep it down! YEAH!

Started the day by going with Skin to the La Marina shopping mall to get groceries, a big shoppingmal only 5 min from the show  Skin also got a really nice bikini from Cazeldonia and I got a mascara form Lancôme and this lipstick also from Lancôme 

After that I went riding! Alf was first out and he got to try these new Harry’s Horse protectors I bought all the way back at the Rolex CSIO in Geneva, and also these bling bell boots from kingsland bought in Danmark! I was thinking Alf would be wild since he was only walked on Tuesday, but he bahaved perfect!

Then I rode Duc! He was cool as alway! Trotted and galloped him low! 

By the time I got to Ice Tea most people was finished riding and we were almost alone!

The stable is starting to come together and all the mascots of Ice Tea is up 

Hanging out in the stable and finishing work 

That was all from today! And yeah, I also went with my friends to Valencia and El Cort Ingles, they got a lot of cool stuff and I got this Ralph Lauren Towel dress 

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