April 2017, Competition, Okategoriserade, Travel

Heading down to the clear round ring

But first check out how comfy mine and Francois bed is 😃 I know my lorry is one of the older once, but I am still proud and happy about it! The shower is leaking like A LOT, but my friends will change it tomorrow! Lucky girl 🍀

Me and Alf are going to the clear round arena to do a training round before his class in the afternoon! Alf is a top careful horse, that is very sensitive and it is important that I know how he will react so I can ride him as good as possibe!

My outfit for the morning! Saving my show clothes for after lunch when my classes are starting! So they will be white and beautiful 

So back to me, Alf and the clear round! We warmed up in the warm up arena for the two bigger rings Oliva and Valencia. He was so relaxed, a joy to ride!

After that we went to the clear round, gave out ticket, and me and Alf walked around a couple of minutes before we started to jump.

He was good on the jumps, but, well these two fotos sums up how he was between the jumps 

He was like, jump the jump then FREEZE! And I was like: jump and GO GO GO!! Keep the gallop buddy!

Took 3 rounds and then we did it realexed! Hopefully I will manage to ride him relaxed stright away for the class later this afternoon!

While I am writing this me and skin have feed the horses lunch and are sitting outside the truck sunbading! I am doing her nails and we are making a plan for the starts later! 

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