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Pepsi Max on sale and more jumping pictures

Here are some more pictures from the day jumping


Ice Tea

Carrots for Ice 


I helped Skin in the stable and after we went out with Tina and “Sterke mannen”, means strong man, his real name is Magne! -to get some sunglasses for Skin and some clothes for Tina and Magne!

Truck selfie and outfit of the night, layback elegant but spotty 😉

Here are the 3 people I am hanging out with, can you guess who the man Magne belongs to? 

I actually got these Dior So real with mirror glasses and Diamond finish, other me or Francois, one of us almost always forgets the sun glasses, and this pair we can both share 

Skin got two really nice dresses! Pretty girl 🎀💁 here is one

Tina bought two really nice jeans at Breahska and I got a top also! They have loads of nice things there! Loads of sale, I paid 9 euros for my top, and the jeans costed 19 euros and was really cool! Here she is wearing her new jeans  I’m not one of those girls who has a really big closet filled with A LOT of clothes, I have less clothes then most girls but I have very good quality clothes. It is almost the same, if I would buy a lot of clothes that does not cost so much, you have soon spend the same amount that you would on a expensive pice of clothing! But that is a choice eveybody is free to make! Of course you can also buy loads of expensive clothes and loads of cheaper once also. Eveybody does what’s right for them! Anyway, I thought this breskha top would make a whole new outfit together with one of my skirts I have at home! Everything is fine, to mix high end brand with less expensive brands can be a good idea to get more choice of what to wear💁 and yes, got a bikini it was 10 euro and also on 20% 

The big fashion brands inspires the other brands, like Swedish Gina Tricot made this bag for there equestrian collection, it looks like they were inspired by Gucci! Especially since the red and green like this is totally Gucci! Does not matter how they got the idea, the bag looks beautiful according to me 


Back to today! -We were just going to the groceries store at the mall to get fill the supplies of carrots, when I discovered by coincidence that they had a big sale of Pepsi Max!!

Hahahaha!! Tina send me this picture of me and Skin, Magne in the back ground, so cool I bought loads of Donuts for Skin so she can have in the stable! I think it is important when you have a groom to make sure they don’t get low blood sugar if it becomes hectical during the day, and they don’t have time to eat real food! At least they can grab some drinks and snacks from the tack box! 

With the Pepsi Max well placed in the car, we got dinner! 

All thought I got loads of friends here I can’t wait to get home to Francois❤

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