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Alf and me clear 130

Started with jumping 130 with Alf at 14.00, clear and placed as 11 πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ‚πŸ† JIPPII

After that we went quick back to the stable and I plated Duc and Ice Tea! Their class started 15.45 and I was NR 6 with Ice and 38 with Duc!

Me and Skin made the both horses ready and tied up Duc in the box! My friend Tina picked him up and brought him up to us! Skin and me focused on Ice, and when he had jumped Skin brought him back to the stable and took care of him! While Tina helped me with Duc!

Magne, Tina’s boyfriend is the top Fotograf! THANK YOU! He got these of Ice

When it is warm outside make sure both you and your horse have gotten enough water! If you are thirsty you loose 40% of your concentration, so it is smart to drink something before you go in the ring! And always make sure your horse has enough water in his box, and take notes to make sure he drinks enough

Me drinking and Tina putting on hindboots

Since I had been walking in the sand between Ice and Duc Tina even brushed the sand of under my shoes, so we were sure my boots would not slip in the stirrups! Always thinking about the details to succeed!

Very important is a good warm up

I don’t like to jump to much or to high in the warm up! I’m in the warm up for warming up, not for testing the scoop of the horse! Also before I start to jump, I try my best to get the horses as relaxed and active as possible

Both Ice Tea and Duc jumped 140 today

Me and DucΒ 

10 thoughts on “Alf and me clear 130”

  1. πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” for you and Alf! Nice to read it.
    How did Duc and Ice the show?
    Lovely you have such good friends there.
    Did you drive alone to Olivia??? 😘

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