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Good morning 

This is me today before start! So proud of this top with the storks or is it a flamingo? 😂 anyway, so cool!

After eating breakfast I went to do some dressage/flat work on Alf! My goal was to relax him and make him loose in his body before the class later! I rode him in the flat work area next to the stable, he has not been in this arena before so I excpected he would be a bit tense. But not at all! He was perfectly realexed 

Many people ride there horses in the morning always just because. But if are at a show and are riding your horse in the morning before the class you should have a goal for the training. A purpose. If you don’t have that, it is no point of doing it! Like Picsou, he thinks running around in a sandbox doing stretching and dressage is boooooring, so it makes him less motivated. That is why I only do morning riding the day of the Grand Prix! I can ride Ice Tea in the morning to try to improve our communication and make him wait for me! Duc also, since I jump him in a twisted snaffle or a gag I morning ride him in a snaffle, make him loose and make him wait. But at this show Ice Tea and Duc has lost so much weight, they get as much hay that they want, and I bought extra protein musli for them! Waiting the result from a blood test to see if there is another reason than that the stable at home have change the food that they have lost the weight! All the other horses in the stable at home look top, so it is important to check! Anyway, my point is, if the horse already is thin, maybe not work him more thannecessary, and that is why no morning riding for Ice and Duc! It might effect the result of the class, but it is the right thing to do when it comes to horsemanship.

After riding Alf skin put the studs in Ice Tea and Duc, they are going to jump on the grass today and it will be a bit hectic later! 

Check out the face of Duc when he sees me 😍 

And Ice so adorable with the PONY on his head 

This is Chodec, one of my best friends Hannah’s horses! I think he might be bigger than my two giraffe girls 

And a question for you guys, what sun glasses are the coolest? The one on the left or the one on the right? 

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