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Who to blame and what to change when it does not go good?

So today was not the best day for me, Ice and Duc!

I am not a person who explains what happened or not to others, there’s a saying:

Don’t explanin and don’t complain

I always do my best to have the best chances to do as good as I can in the class I’m riding! It does not have to be about winning, it can also be to get the right rhythm and keeping the horse stright, or to improve something special in the riding like giving more hands, or being able to take some short turns in the rythm and having good dictanses! The most important is to compete against yourself, your opponents will make the results anyway!

The worst part for me is how disappointed Francois gets when I don’t do well. Then he has forgotten all the times I have done very good! And to disappoint the one I love is sad! I tell you guys about this because I am sure many people have people in their life’s that get disappointed or even angry if the clear rounds are not there! But I am very grateful that I have a Francois to disappoint, because his disappointment is a sign that he cares! And I know he will be back being the wind in my back and encourage me later ⭐ he is my STAR and MY HEARY❤

If somebody  is disappointed in you that person has to deal with it them self , you and me have to focus on doing our best together with our horse the next day! But of course it is very hard when we see that my riding makes someone we love sad! Al though it is hard we must focus on the love for the horse and find 4 positive things about today, and put all the focus on what good to do ! Never be angry with the horse! They always do their best, and it can be reasons they are not feeling well that we don’t know!

I am a human, and a horse is animal! No matter how good horse you have, or how good you are yourself, the combination human-horse is not the same as a human-car situation and a lot of factors must match to make good! And if it does not, it is really not about blaming anyone, it is about focusing on what to do the next day!

If you rode to slow, don’t think about riding to slow, think about GALLOPING MORE FORWARD!

And if you rode like you usually ride, and it still did not go as you hoped, you don’t have to start changing your riding. If you change your riding every time you have a pole down you will only confuse yourself and the horse!

Try to ride the same every time, and if you can do that, the horse will recognize the situation and be able to correct himself! They need the opportunity to help out also!

Some examples, me and Ice Tea are a work in progress, I know what is the goal, how i should ride and how he should react to my riding! Even if you have a step backwards you should still keep working in your system towards your goal!

Me and Duc alredy know each other in and out, I ride him like I always do and he is always positive to jump! As any couple we have our ups and downs, but that is how this sport is. I just have to always try to be better than yesterday, but also riding then same, and then Duc will jump top like he can!

Many people panick over a bad result, want to put hind boots, sharper bits, do this do that. But if it normally works, don’t panick over a less good round, go to your good feeling place and try to ride exactly the same as when it goes good!

Me and Duc have been clear 155, but that does not mean we will be clear in all lower and as high classes in the future. And if we are not clear I have done something very wrong or bad. Even the top riders of the world with top horses like Luciana Diniz and Lenox, they are most of the time in top shape, but if they are not she still believes in him! (I saw it on her YouTube channel) So keep believing in you and your horse

BE POSITIVE AND ONLY TALK ABOUT HOW YOU SHOULD RIDE! If you talk about what you do wrong you have 80% chance to repeat your mistakes instead of doing what you should have done instead!

My mothers always says in Norwegian

Tap og vinn med samme sin!

Winn and loose with the same attitude

Although it was not our day today, I’m fishing out a carrot and give it to Duc anyway 

In the evening Hannah and Skin came to visit in the truck!

Afterwords me and Hannah went to walk the course for tomorrow  and Hannah took this Instagram my story of me! Without me knowing, saw it there later and screenshoted it 😂

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