April 2017, Competition, Okategoriserade, Travel

😃Clear rounds and price 🏆🏆 for Alf and Duc 

Today the classes started earlier! Alf was NR 1 in the 130 that started at 09.00, and Duc NR 39! Both of them was clear and I had a good feeling!

But I started the day by getting dressed and having a protein bar for breakfast. Spilling loads of chocolate on my white pants and shirt  I think it was because the chocolate protein bar was a little frozen so when I eat it, it fell little bites from it and melted on my clothes! All changed again and ready to go 

In the morning it was a little cold so I used my Cavalleria Toscana show jacket, it as almost all show jackets now are in some neoprene fabric and quite warm! Toilet selfie😂 By the time it was Duc’s turn to jump it had become warm, and then I prefer my JvanD jacket, it is made in cotton or wool, not sure, but it is lighter and not so warm

Duc and me after jumping a clear😃

Here me and Skin are in action! I am saddening Duc, and Skin is taking care of Alf after jumping

More pictures from the day

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