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The afternoon and the evening

We spend the afternoon fixing for the horses and watching the show! Weather is so good ☀️

I also bought spurs reins, Kevin Bacon hoof fat, and some fly protection for the nose, + a loose lower nose band 

Horses got new shavings, and look how happy it makes Duc💖 

Skin takes really good care!  In the evening we give the horses hay, as much as they can eat and more, + this mix! It is 3 hay brix in water with salt and musli in! Same as we use when we drive! My friend Janne Lindanger came up with the idea to put the hay Brix in water so they swell up and absorbe the water! To get some extra fluid in the horses! 

Skin will give them this later when she does night check and put a extra cover on! In the day they are standing with these rugs on, and on the wall in the background you can see the night rugs they get over when the temperature goes down the night rugs are these, bucas net cooler! A little thicker over the back! We put them over the day rugs 

Anyway, we went out to get some water (for us) at the only grocery store that was open today since it is Sunday! We saw all these easter chocolates, I had almost forgotten that it has been Easter! 

Then we went to our new favorite restaurant, it’s like heaven for me because I love all kinds of tacos! Me, Skin and Tina

Tina and Magne I mean, check out the Meny  I even put a napkin on like this so I would spill on my dress 😂 From me to you (a bit late 😂) HAPPY EASTER 

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