April 2017, Competition, Okategoriserade, Travel

Early morning

Woke up 05.15 today to help Skin in the stable! At 09.00 I am flying home to be with Francois!

Skin walked Duc, while I mucked out the boxes, the musli and the hay! 

When I was finished with that, Skin and Duc came back inside and I took Alf, Skin took Ice and we walked them for 15 min together!

When I went to change my clothes Skin took one rug of the horses, fixed water and put out lunc food for the horses outside their boxes! She will not be home for lunch cause her, Tina and Magne are going to the roller coaster’s, so my BFF Hannah will feed them!

I actually took a pic from Tina’s Facebook, here the gang are having fun! 

I’m at The AirPort waiting for my flight 

As usual on Starbucks! What’s different from Switzerland is that they have a Juice machine! 

This is my breakfast! What is also different from any airport I have been to when it regards eating, is the big selection of milkshakes, frappe, smoothies and Ice Cream 

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