April 2017, Competition, Okategoriserade, SHOPPING, Travel

The HORSE SHOPS(stands) here

There are some stands here selling horse equipment, and here are some pictures from them!

First out is Alberto and his horse shop Carma! I know him and Riki from a lot of other shows here are some of the products he has 

It is also a Galante shop here, they sell only Galante 

And this shop  here are the products they have 

And the “bit truck” from Lieven Hendrickx is here! Trust equestrian I have long been thinking about getting these cozy head colors for my chestnuts and Calla, but then again, in the truck they eat the soup and get dirty, and on the shows it is almost to warm to lead them around with these (I tend to go to shows where it is warm) so I didn’t buy it! But I really admire them! So beautyful and fluffy

These girts are so popular now  loads of bits, but normally it is actually 3 times this much  and some other things 

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