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Meet them!! Many of you probably knows that Duc has a mascot called The Kanouk! It is a little horse given to me by my dear cousin Ann-Christine Kuntze, it looks like Kanouk! Duc got it as a inspiration to start to cooperate more like Kanouk did with me! And yeah, it worked 😉

Alf has the teddy bear Alf the was on the tv show from the 80’s

And Ice Tea has all these little unicorns to be inspired to be light and fly like a unicorn around the course! 

And here are the 3 😍🐴⭐💖 and the super Skin🙋💖⭐

6 thoughts on “MASCOTS ”

  1. It’s so cute 😄🦄 I know, that you really like a colour combination of green and red, but I always was thinking, that you like pink too, don’t you? 😁 Maybe it’s a little funny question, but it makes me a little interested 😂🙈

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  2. Hej! Vilka fina hästar du har och va fint du rider och tränar dom 😍 vart har du hittat dom jätte söta unicornsen? 😀 Lycka till på showen! Kraam

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  3. It’s so cool the mascots 😎
    My first B-pony had a real little goat.
    The goat joined the pony at the shows.
    We sold him when I was getting a D-pony with the goat 😊

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