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Flatwork Wednesday 

 Me and Alf before Flatwork!

He was so fresh, I almost feel off at first! But later on he realexed and became super! First when he was so spooky and tense I only focused on riding him forward and bending him to the right, when I bend him to the right somehow he relaxes more! -maybe because he is stronger in the right side, and when I bend him to the right and activate the left hindleg more, he work more correct and then has less time to find things to make circus trix of 😉

We rode in the warm up to the two rings Oliva and Valencia! At the same time the 7 year olds was jumping their class

Next was Ice Tea, with him infocused a lot in changing the rhythm first in Trott and then canter! With high focus on keeping him rideable and on the hindlegs all the time! If he fell out of balance and started to run I made a transition to walk 

Then it was Duc💖 time, me and Duc went first for a walk together with one of my best fiends Hannah Åkerblom and one of her horses Chodec! 

Duc is starting tomorrow, so with him today I mostly focused on checking out that the brake and gas was working as it should, and bending him to the sides, side movements, and then riding him stright. Mostly with low form, neck down and nose out!

Here is Duc following me after riding, “fishing” for carrots🐴🎣🥕🥕🥕

2 thoughts on “Flatwork Wednesday ”

  1. Your chestnuts are really cute 😊 especially Duc 🙈 he looks super cute in the last photo! By the way, I really like, when you post a lot of photos 😁


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