Shopping and Night Check 

Me, Tina and Magne did some shopping! First I picked up some cooling boots at a horse shop! I ordered them last week, BFF Tina helps me carry them 😃

Then we went to check out if some Cavalleria Toscana riding pants Tina orderd last week! She looked gourgeus in the pants! She also bought a new riding jacket!

I am so lucky and are sponsored by Parlanti, and got some new riding boots, also a Carma riding jacket! I think it was beautiful! Thank you Alberto and Riki! You can buy the Carma products online, if your local tack shop does not have it http://www.carmaitalia.com

To find information where to buy Parlanti Passion or check out the different models, you can to that here http://www.parlantipassion.it


Happy shoppers 

Yeah, I borrowed a totally new bit, a Pelham combined with a gag! I tried it on Ice Tea for like 2 min, not the right bit for us two! Here’s Tina, her new Carma Italia show jacket and the bit 

Tonight I had Dinner in the truck, micro wave lasagne, spinach and avocado! 

After eating I went for a run to the beach, first time I have been jogging since I got so sick!

Did also night check to the horses! Duc was already sleeping 

Alf was ignoring me, but Alf the Alien was looking out 😂  Ice Tea was almost sleeping 

Stables in the evening 

Now I’m off to bed! Good night everyone 😴

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