Goood Morning, 140 debut with Alf today

My breakfast of today, ” chicken ham” with cheese salad! When I opened a box of salmond the other day there were some parts of the fish in the box that was white.. did not look good. Salmon is suppose to be pink ! Did not take any chances so this is what I’m eating now!

My outfit of today, for flatwork before start!

Buuuut it was soooooo cold outside so I had to put scarf and jacket on!!

When I came in the stable Duc was sleeping, Skin was cold and Alf was waiting for me to go for a ride 

Went to ride in the flat work arena by the stables! Alf was so fresh, had to do many many rounds of full speed gallop before he got out his energy and I could start to “work” with him

By the time I was finished with the crazy gallop both me and Alf was sweating! So had to take my jacket off! After a while he stopped being afraid of everything and started to relax! It is REALLY imprtant that he is relaxed and “well worked trough his body”  because me and him are doing our debut in 140 today! And also in the Valencia ring where he only been one time before!

Now I need to go and change to my show clothes! I’m gonna jump the Silver Grand Prix with Duc

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