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Places in the Silver Grand Prix with SUPER DUC😍

Duc has been totally awesome this weekend!!! Clear and placed Thursday, Clear Friday and placed in the Silver Grand Prix today 😍 Good boy Duc!

After that it was time for my 140 debut with Alf! 

I was NR 4 in the class meaning that I had to warm up and do some jumps before I walked the course! And that’s what I did, when the course was open Tina hold Alf, because Skin was making Ice Tea ready! After walking the course I trotted and galloped a few rounds and resumed jumping 

When you are one of the first to go like that it can easy be stressful to get to jump what you need before it is your turn to go in the ring! After walking the course eveybody wants the jumps, and want their rider to be able to jump what is best for them. Today it got a bit stressful but me, Alf, Tina and Skin (skin made it up to see my start while Ice Tea was waiting ready in the stables) we all manage to stay calm so both me and Alf were relaxed when we entered the ring! Also, Tina said before I went in, just relax, and I did! 


We were clear in the first face and had one down on the last fence in the second face!

Really happy with the round! We had a good rhythm and he jumped great!

Afterwords it was Ice Tea! He jumped good in the warm up and good in the ring, I am trying a new bit on him, and in the warm up he was fighting with the bit, but I could handle it. After the 3 combination I wanted to do 6 short stride to a oxer, but Ice tea was really afraid of the bit, so when I pulled the rains he panicked with his head 4 strides before the jump, and of course I don’t chase him over! The problem with Ice Tea is not to get him over jumps, he never stops, but to approve the ridbillity! I tried to make a circle and come again, but he would not take contact, and when I feel like that in the turn I retired. I’m not sad about the round, he jumped good and it is not his fault that the bit was no good, totally my fault!

This picture clearly shows ourcommunication problems in the ring  

The warm up for Ice Tea went quite okey, Tina helped me, because Skin was in the stable with Alf, taking care of him! Magne is the TOP photografer 

Tightening the girt

Candy time 

Warm up jumping 

In the ring 

2 thoughts on “Places in the Silver Grand Prix with SUPER DUC😍”

  1. Congrats! πŸŽ‰ Everything is as I wished You! πŸ˜‚ except Ice Tea, but he did a good job too, like you wrote, just I think it was a little unlucky πŸ˜• but all of you were great as I see in photos or video in your Instagram 😁 you match perfect with your chestnuts! 🐴

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