I wanted to ask you guys, or show you guys a little with me and Duc! But before that I will tell you about my day! 

I had a meeting with my lawyer so Francois came with me to town!

My case against hilda is finally coming up to the court soon!

After the meetings I went a quick stop to get some repairs with my Polish friends and their dog Jessica! She is so sweet and so soft! Really a amazing dog 😍 

The weather is not to hot so my winter jacket and winter shoes are out again! Monclear jacket, Gucci dress, Hermes bag, Chanel shoes, Wollford stockings 

Winter shoes 

Lunch time with my big LOVE ❀

Afterwords I went to the horses 

Calla is so “big” now! We need to use the biggest girt to get the saddle on 

Our horses are so lucky to live in a stable where they can go in and out as they want!- to a little private paddock made in concrete outside the box 

In the afternoon/evening the horses are closed inside the box! Except for Ice Tea, since he has been a stallion for such a long time  it is better that he is inside in the day, and outside (or inside if he wants) when the other horses are closed in 

Duc  closed in


Ice Tea has some of his hay inside and some outside, so he can really enjoy himself πŸ˜‹

Here is the Silver Grand Prix of MET 2017 and a 150 of the CSI *** in Humlikon, both rounds with Duc. Can you see the difference? The one from Humlikon is before I got attacked and the one from MET is after! I lost a lot when I was attacked, but it is getting a little better! Still have some issues to work out, but Duc is really doing his best for meπŸ’–

Humlikon is a very difficult show, the ring is small, the course builder builds BIG, DIFFICULT AND TECHNICAL. Why, because it is a popular show with a lot of top rises and very good horses. If it is a lot of good horses in a class the course builder many times makes it more difficult! Anyway, check out how good we used to be

Do you see the difference in level on the course also? 

HUMLIKON (before attack) 

MET 2017

1 thought on “DUC AND ME BEFORE AND NOW”

  1. Cute dog! πŸ€— I’m not a good rider, so by my eyes you ride really good in both videos! πŸ˜‚ I don’t know, maybe you measure distance better in the second video? πŸ˜„ What do you think? And your horses are lucky! πŸ˜ƒ I think that they love their own paddocks! πŸ€πŸ˜

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