Lazy Saturday

Me and Francois❤ took a really long PJ’s morning on the sofa together watching the rerun of the  Global Champions tour from Shanghai! Should be more often I would say, if you don’t have time to watch it live, reruns are just great! 

After that me and Skin went for some groceries shopping!

Skin had awesome shoes 😉

I had training clothes and my “everyday” handbag! It is so super because the surface is so easy to wipe clean if I accidentally spill something on it or that I put it down and it get dirty 

I mean, we got a lot, beautiful Skin always smiling😍


Skin went back to the horses and I went for a run up the mointain! This is my usual brake place 🏃‍♀️😅

Then it was horses time! So exciting to start to ride Picsou again! He has operated out a ligament that was loose in his hind leg ! Also my outfit of the day! Nike top, Hermes belt, Cavalleria Toscana pants!

As you can see he clearly gain some weight 

Next up was Alf’i! He was so fresh and afraid of everything, but after 10000 rounds of gallop he could realex! I should maybe have let him be loose before i rode him today. It can be good to let the horse blow of some steam if you think he is fresh, before you start to ride! That way it does not become a fight between you guys! It’s different with Duc, because he does not spook, but when Alf is fresh is runs and spooks at the same time, high risk to fall off😂

Starting to relax 

Skin rode Calla! 

She and Picsou are walking for 40-50 min and trotting for 5 min! Takes time, but better to do it the right way than to stress them back to work! 

Have a good Saturday guys 

2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday”

  1. Thanks! Have a nice rest of this Saturday! Skin seems really happy groom! Could you answer me, how much time you ride, when it’s a simple training, without jumping? I know it depends on a horse, how he feels today or something, but if you can, just tell me please a medium time of riding! THANK YOU 🤗

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