27 Dishes of home made food 

Francois is the love of my life, my everyting! We have so much in common, same taste in music, same taste in films, horses, cars, same taste in activity we like to do! And most important the LOVE 

Francois does not like microwave food that you buy in the grocery store, so before I left I made 27 dishes of his favorite food! I also made meet soup! 

Here you can see some of them!

I put them in tre freezer and he can take out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😋

Regarding the horses I made full program for Skin that she must to follow! 

And it I’m feel confident that it will go super!

Wifi is unstable, catch you guys when I’m landing 

Besides modeling

Skin has many hidden talents 

3 thoughts on “27 Dishes of home made food ”

  1. Hej Eva! Bor ni precis vid stallet eller hur lång tid tar det att åka dit?
    Du är jättebra, kul att läsa din blogg!
    Kram Olivia

    Liked by 1 person

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