The highest I have jumped is 2.10 m with the fantastic horse Chambord Du Filou 

And here it is, the 6. Round in 6bar jumping that we won🏆

Chambord and me used to be bestfriends, and I miss him a lot! I always wanted to buy Chambord myself but Francois did not like his style of jumping! 

I also tried to sell him to a good home, but I was not fast enough so the owner gave him to another rider! 

He was a stallion when I first got him, and some stallions when they get older they become more and more stallion, this was the case for Chambord. He destroid my truck very badly and 5 boxes in Arezzo. The owner finally agreed to castrate him! His former super star TOP rider Alain Jufer had recommended castartion of Chambord before. 

He got castrated and became 100% better, also with the jumping! Much for concentrated! 

The castartion opens up to a whole new group of customers, since many people don’t want to have stallions. I had only ride one show with Chambrord after the castration and it have gone super! I used Chambord to qualify Picsou for the Grand Prix and Chambord did it easy, we  also got 2. Place in the 6 bar! 

But the owner did not want to give me more time, so he came and took the horse with him to another rider. I think he is still for sale so if somebody is looking for a really good horse, he should be available! Remember horses like him are expensive and cost more than 50 000 euro 😉

4 thoughts on “The HIGHEST I HAVE JUMPED ”

    1. He thought he jumped with the head to much up ! But I thought he was the perfect horse! He’s brain really want to jump clear, and then I think the perfect style is less important. But that’s just my opinion


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