Arriving in Hong Kong and flying on to China

When it is time for sleeping I put on my “night socks” and made my cheer in to a bed

This is how it looks on the plane when I’m sleeping 

It was a lot of turbulence in the night, but the flight went fine and I managed to get some sleep! 

This is how the flight tracker looked like when I woke up! 

And this is my breakfast 

We also have to fill in a arrival card 

Hong Kong is beautiful, the airport is floating on the sea 

My favorite airport is Geneva, but the second favorite must be Hong Kong! It is so clean

The airport have a lot of nice shops, and the Suisse watches are all here!

And a two level Chanel shop

Had to take a train to my gate! Goes every two minutes

My gate area 

When you arrive in China it is also a passport control and immigration! I have planed months before to get my Chinese Visa. When you get your luggage you have to pass another security check. So you have to put your handbag and your suitecase on a band to get out of the arrival and luggage area

At this moment the people from the factory have picked me up, and I am in the car with them! It is approximate one hour ++ from the airport to the factory!

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