Chinese airport/ and amazing Hong Kong Renaissance Hotel

After we had gone trough my products they drove me to the airport! 

The Chinese airport does not appear to have Coca Cola light/zero and no Pepsi at all! The other airport I been to did not have it ether 

How they lock a door at a Chinese airport 

When I was checking in my bag I saw that at the check in place with the baggage drop they also scan the bag, and if there is something they don’t like they ask you to open it 

When I got trough immigration and security I wanted to buy myself some Burger King, but the BK did not take other card then Chinese cards or cash. So no Burger King for me. 

The plane boarded 30 min to late, we had to just sit in the plane for one hour! I asked the person next to me why this delay. And he said that it was normal for Chinese airline to be late! 

We got this food and a water bottle! That was very nice, since most airlines in Europe make you pay for the food! 

When I got to Hong Kong I charged my Octopus card and to the MTR to Hong Kong Central Station 

Taxi to the hotel 

When I got to the hotel a nice employe took my bag and I could go to check in

They give you a card that you give to the people in the reception, and they arrange that somebody brings the bag to your room 

The Renaissance in Hong Kong has a beautiful lobby

And this is my room 

Packed up my clothes and went down to the gym!

Entrance of the gym 

I asked Skin to send me some photos of her and the horses, but she forgot today! Hopefully she does it tomorrow so it comes some horse on the blog! She and Francois took shit test of the horses today, and brought it to the wet to control from worms! 

Now bed time for me

2 thoughts on “Chinese airport/ and amazing Hong Kong Renaissance Hotel”

    1. Difficult for a addict! And if it was and they only took Chines money and card it almost would have been worse!’I would have seen the Pepsi but not allowed to drink it 😂


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