Checking out the shops in Hong Kong 

When I was finished at the pool I went down town to check out the shops! 

This is my outfit! Alexander McQueen skirt, Dior jacket, Armani shoes and my beautiful bag from Fendi! 

Took these shoes with me in my bag in case I get tired from walking in my high heels 

I took the MTR, because of this:

100% still traffic, and yeah I like the MTR system here, and I’m proud of the Octopus!!

This is the way from my hotel to my nearest MTR station

The good shopping is in a couple of different places, Central, Admirality who has the Pacific place, Harbour City, Causeway Bay  and some others. But these are my favorite and I of course need to see them all! Today I started with Admirality and Pacific place 

Hermes bracelet exhibit 

Nice shops!

Checking out Fendi a lot! This is Fendi at Pasific place 

I have this beautiful Fendi bag that Francois❤ gave me as a gift when we had been together a while❤ he picked it out himself! 

I don’t use it a lot because it was crazy expensive, it is white and I love it, so I want it to stay beautiful for many many years! Anyway when I do take it I would love to have something from Fendi to wear that I could use to match the Fendi bag! But in Geneva at Fendi they have very high fashion, and I would like something more usable for everyday, a summer pice of clothing! Did not find anything in Pasific Place so I head down to the MTR and went to Harbour City to look more around! 

My parents want to give me a pice of Fendi for my birthday, so they have given me money for me to find something ! And I have in mind something more casual than this! This is beautiful, but can not be used for a everyday going to Geneva. 

I want something funny with the typical Fendi monster like this

They did not have what I had in mind, but they told me where to go tomorrow!  Anyway! Harbour City have loads of Flagship stores from the big brands 

Check out Gucci! My little Gucci bag is THE BIG HIT EVERYWHERE!!  And the color I have, that Francois gave me for Valentine’s Day is SOLD OUT IN EUROPE AND ASIA!! 


I think i said it before and I will say it again, the shops have different sortiment, and Asia had other things than we have in Europe, like this tshirt is not even on the Gucci web site, but they have it here: 

They also had other once that are o the web site 

I saw this one! Did you guys know that Picsou means Scrooge Mc Duck in French? So if this was Picsou I would have to buy it, but it was Donald Duck, so I passed 

Picsou and Picsou 

Louis Vuitton is really in to painting Art now, and this is everywhere 

For me it goes in waves what brand I’m most interested in, for my birthday last year it was Louis Vuitton, for Christmas and Valentine’s Day it was all about Gucci, but now I really in to Chanel! 

On my way back to the hotel

My hotel even have the favorite Belgian chocolate shop of Francois❤ really miss him, but he had to stay home because Picsou has to go to the clinic on Monday! And one of us should go with him! 

This is what I bought today

a hair clip

And these shoes 

Sice my birthday is coming up I am more in a saving mode! I am sure I will get some nice presents😃🎁

At home some of the horses are resting since I’m not home, and some of the horses are riding!

These are some pictures Skin⭐ send me today 

Ice Tea did dressage and forest riding! 

He also saw some new friends 

Calla worked dressage

Skin looking gorgeous like always 

2 thoughts on “Checking out the shops in Hong Kong ”

    1. Yes, I guess to can say it’s like a credit card! You buy a Octopus card, and you charge it with money, and you use it to pay in the MTR, and on like seven11, no code, you just have it in your purse!


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