My morning

Woke up, got dressed and took my new Chanel to breakfast! Check the label, Marc Jacobs size 0, made in China! So a high end brand like M J also produces in China! Ready to go with my new Chanel shoes 

After eating WAY to much

 and missing Francois❤ specially when I see his favorite eggs! Can’t wait to come home to you baby! 

So again, after eating way to much I went to my room for a 30 min power nap, followed by 40 min of cardio!  Gym chick! All Nike today! Love the multi colored shorts!

Then off to the pool 

New day another bikini! I change the shape of the bikini everyday so I get as few tan lines as possible 

Today I’m on a mission, swimming 30 min and also checking out the Dolce Gabbana shops, I have this skirt, that they made some years ago, and apparently the Asian shops should have a new version of it! My old skirt got burned by the Father of Bertram Allen at a party me and Francois❤ attended in St. Gallen two years ago. So it has a hole in it. 

So actually 3 missions today, swim 30 min, keep looking for Fendi present for me from my parents, look for Dolce Gabbana skirt! 

Do you guys like my Hong Kong updateds? Or is it a bit boring and you want me to take a blog pause while I’m here? 

7 thoughts on “My morning”

  1. Have you always only worn big name brand items? Do you ever wear items that are not big label? Not judging, just curious. You seem to have a charmed life. Hope to see your equestrian line soon. Love the ombré horse sheet!

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    1. From when I was little I always admired the models and the nice clothes from big brands! I looked in the fashion magazine and tried to fined similar from H&M and Bic bok! My parents always bought me the best brands of skis, ski wear, and riding clothes! I also saved up or wished for Christmas Gant and Ralph Lauren, cause those were the best brands you could get where I lived, and at that time You could not shop online. I had a list of what bags I would buy when I got the money! Many times I almost got money enough for the bag, but then a horse got sick and the money went for vet bills! Francois also loved fashion, and now when my parents don’t have horses anymore them selfs they like to give me nice gifts from Christmas and birthdays! So I guess it comes like that! Yes, I wear what clothes I like, does not matter what brand! But I must admit I almost just have brand clothes now, not so much clothes, but almost just top quality clothes!


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