Today’s mission 

Going totally Dior today

Today I went to Causaway Bay and Fashion walk 

Bought one more hair clip that was on 50%

Did not buy anything else but took some pictures! These are beautiful plastic shoes! 

After that I went to Lee Garden! On the way there it is a huge apple shop 

Lee Garden 

Dior shoes at Lee Garden.. almost like riding boots 

Chanel sandals 😍 

Some fun stuff 

Beautiful toilets at Lee Garden, art in the toilet 

After that I moved on to Times Square 

Many Suisse watches shops there 

Shops in Times Square 

My blue Gucci dress in red at Gucci Times Square Hong Kong 
And found the Fendi! 

Can’t show you the pictures but it is a cute style little like this, but no fur 😉😉😉 my mom and dad want me to forget what I bought so I still will be surprised on my birthday

Took the MTR to the big Dolce Gabbana 

and guess what, the skirts was end of the season SALE soooooo 

Yes I went for it! All 3 colors!

When I got back to the hotel I went for 40 min of cardio and some muscle training 

After working out some COOLD kristal water is really good

The gym at the hotel is open 24 hours, since a lot of the hotel guests are on different times sons 

So excited about Monday, Picsous check up and getting to see my product produced by the new factory!

Going to bed now, and phone Francois❤ face time! LOVE HIM

4 thoughts on “Today’s mission ”

    1. Tusen takk! Jeg lager det helt selv! Min ide, design og så hjelper di meg her nede med å sy det! Gleder meg så mye selv! Har holdt på i over et år nå! Vil virkelig at det skal bli perfekt


      1. Nei, wow!! Det er skikkelig imponerende, vil det bli mulig å kjøpe de worldwide? 😀 Det kan ikke bli annet enn perfekt med din stil!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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