Getting there

I almost have no pictures from today, non from the factory, from the minute I came to the minute I left it was non stop work!

I try to discus the price with them as much as possible, but then they start to say they can do cheeper in other material! BUT NOOOO! I must have the best for my product! I need the same quality as Cavalleria Toscana but the Antibacterial fabric!!!!! Combined with compression!! MUST HAVE!!!! 

And I don’t want it to be so expensive for you guys to buy! 

Check out the prices on Cavalleria Toscana 

And white ridingpants that gets so dirty, and can get dirty so they never get really white again. Like me, I REALLY WANT my white pants to be white! But I also like to cuddle with my horses and be like I usually are. But that does not work with the white pants, so I try to be as much as possible in other colored pants and change just before the classes start. If I go around all the time in white once, they get stains that won’t go away, and I have to buy new once! When the pants cost ca 250 euro and I also LOVE fashion it would be a lot of spending of money. So I really want to make as good pants but more affordable, so people can afford perfect riding pants, but also have some money left to spend on whatever else they want! 

These are the prices of Animo

We agreed on one model of pants today, but not the compression Anti bacterial pant.  I am fighting for it! I will just have to compromise a little bit also. Because when me and my daddy was in Thailand, and we wanted to buy plastic slippers to walk on the beach with, I barged so much we were kicked out of two different “shops”  😂 so I still want to make it work with the factory and still want to get the price low but the BEST quality!! I know I can do it! 

I already took the decsission to not put 1000 of labels on, as simple as possible, because everything cost, and a little here and a little there is suddenly a lot! And the tag in the back of the pants are uncomfortable anyway!!

And I really need 3 perfect rugs!!!!!!! Need it! But when I look at the cheep shops, they are so cheep, cheaper than I can buy it for! And I am sad to have spend money many times on Rambo net cooler that I had to pay 100 CHF in Switzerland for and I see on the internet that it is like 69 euro, and I also have the Amigo net cooler you can get online for between 40-60 euro. MY POINT BEEING, MY HORSES HAVE DESTROYED 10 OF THESE RUGS LAST SUMMER!! 10!!! I really need one perfect of the box that protects them from the fly’s/mosquito’s and also after they have been working and they have been sweeting and gotten a shower, – a rug that keeps them from drying to fast, since that is not good for the muscles. 

So the rug need this qualities:

This rug I would call: 

SO ZEN (because the horse would feel himself perfect when standing in the stable with it) 

Here is a picture of Duc wearing a Rambo Net Cooler, the shape is not good, to wide in the front so the rug goes backwards and makes little wounds on the back and on his chest

MY SO ZEN would be like this, but also cost around 80 euros, will you guys be able to pay that?

💎Perfect shape for the horse

💎Being resistant, so by rubbing themselfs on the show boxes it will not brake

💎Perfect material so the horses dries not to fast but not to slow after work and shower/ drying to fast can make the muscles sour and the horse can feel pain the next day

💎Luxurious design 

💎Keeping insects away 

💎Not to hot, so they can stand in the box with it 24/7 at shows

RUG NR 2 the name would be: 


A rug that can be used on hot summer shows when the horse is waiting for the rider to come, like over the saddle, when he is walking up to the ring, when he is waiting for the jump of! Must be longer than the rugs on the marked so it protects the legs a little also
here is Alf with a rug from equiline that is suppose to serve this purpose, it has a good shape in front, but it is not long enough down, and it has no attachment to keep it in the right place when it comes to the belly! Of course a rug like this can not have two cross attachment because of the saddle! But I have the solution 

This is the price online 

Mine would be PERFECT, but could not be sold for under 80 euro. Would you spend 80 Euro on that?

This is the Anna S fly rug, mine would be A LOT better than this one, this one cost 149 Euro. Does anyone pay that much for a fly rug? Would you pay 80 euro for the perfect one?


💎Must have perfect shape

💎Must have the perfect attachment so it will stay in the perfect position incase the horse gets wild or it comes wind

💎Must not be hot

💎Must keep insects away

💎Must keep the horse from drying to fast if the horse has jumped a first round, but must stay near the ring to wait for jump off/ drying to fast can make the muscles sour and the horse can feel pain the next day

💎Must be beautiful

On my way back from China!

Hong Kong Airport, first class all the way! Even have a woman making sure all the bags goes perfect on the band!

Visited Starbucks to get a expresso Frappochino with me to the train! 

Should I buy one of these bears as a souvenir from Hong Kong and put in the truck together with the “guy who works at Ferrari” ? 

Airport express train to Hong Kong 

Taxi system Central station


21 thoughts on “Getting there”

  1. Don’t know about the rugs but please make the pants with higher waist than Cavalleria Toscana! So tired of low waisted riding pants, they hardly stay on 😦

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  2. I’d be happy to pay about 180-280€ of my pants, now I’m using mostly Animo’s. If you’re making white breeches, please make sure that the fabric is thick enough! I really hate when you can see the panties underneath them 😅 I think that I would definetly buy a net cooler with 100€, if it looks good, feels good and lasts at least one summer!

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    1. Such a hard call with the white, the shows I ride in the summer is like 30+ degrees, and then I think the animo is to hot and not flexible enough, but I don’t want to show my panties ether 😂 so I am trying to get the perfect combo! Thank you so much for the comment! And the rugs are gonna last many years! That’s the goal


      1. Oh yeah, that’s a difficult combo! How about making also kind of a winter collection? I live in Finland and I can tell that there isn’t more than one or two brands that make comfy, lasting and high-quality winter breeches. If you do them also, I will be first one to buy!

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  3. Okay! So your ideas about the rugs are amazing! Yes, I pretty like it. Would I buy it? Yes of course, if I would have more money. Our country isn’t very rich, my familly too, but why not for those, who have their own horses, those who can let themselves buy it! And almost all of horse’s owners are rich! 😂 So to sum up, maybe the price seems a little big, but when you know, that you are buing the perfect rug for your horse, it doesn’t look big anymore 😁 Idk, I hope you undrestoof what I mean! And yup, that bear looks nice! You suppose to buy it, because as I can see you are a crazy Starbucks lover!!! 😂
    Good luck in everywhere! Greetings from a little little country Lithuania!

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  4. Jeg synes at over 2000kr for ridebukser begynner å bli dyrt, men jeg ønsker heller en god til hverdags som koster 2000kr med så god kvalitet, passform og komfort! Når det kommer til dekken betaler jeg gjerne 1000kr stk og spesielt So Zen virkelig trengs på markedet. 😀

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    1. Jeg er helt enig! Over 2000 er mye, men dessverre koster jo alle “TOP” merkene det.. håper på og få en så bra pris som mulig på mine! Men samme supre kvalitet! Deilig å høre at det er flere enn jeg som trenger SO ZEN! Tror du ponni ryttere kjøper det? Skal jeg lage ponni size? TUSEN TAKN for kommentaren


      1. Hmmm… Ja, jeg trenger størrelse 125cm! Jeg har islandshest, men det er jo så mange flinke ponni/young riders i Norge (og såklart resten av verden) og ponniene trenger jo like bra oppfølging som de store hestene. Likevel tror jeg kanskje at det blir solgt mer utstyr for store hester, mellom 145 og 165 i størrelse. 🙂

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  5. Most of my riding pants are from Pikeur.
    They’re good but also expensive. The only chance I have is that a 176 (children size) fits me and they are 100 euro cheaper!
    But I know you’re going to deliver quality Eva. So I’m glad for a pants what’s payable and good!!! Can’t wait for the collection 😊

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  6. Hi Eva,
    I read your block every day and follow you on insta! You are inspiring and motivate me.
    Since I saw the cavalleria Toska pants on your block I want to have it. But my Maximum for a riding pant is 200€. Normaly I wear Pikeur or Cavallo. I also like high waist Pants.

    The ideas for the rug are good. I would buy it for 80€. Until yet I don´t know about the good cooling and drying Effekt. Has all fly rugs this Effekt? I have buy a new one from Eskadron last year.

    Kind regards from Germany

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  7. For the breeches , I would love something potentially more affordable than like 200€ … I am from Canada and that is almost double the price ! I currently ride in Aztec Diamond breeches (which is a company from the UK) and love how light and flexible the fabrics are and hope yours are too because I would love to try them ! But if only they are a little more affordable and bigger than the UK sizing 😂 Which is for like super tiny people ! The blankets / rugs definitely seem to be a decent price if less than 100€ because even here in Canada to buy one of good quality would run you the same if not more ! 🙂

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  8. I would buy the fly rug. 80 euro is not much for a good blanket!
    I’very always used the amigo fly rug (the green one) but the are expensive. 150 euro each summer I must buy another one. Snoop destroyes it always. So keep going Eva! And I know you’re going to have nice blankets who looks good on a chestnut 😊

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  9. Hi Eva! Love to know you are working on rugs and breeches! Here in spain rambo rugs are a must! And quite expensive also, so if the ones you are working at, are better than the rambo rugs, I am sure they’re going to be sold soooo easily!
    It would be great if the rugs bring extra comfort in the front side, so there is no need to put anything ( as bandagges underpads) to prevent hair damage in horse’s chest
    Sometimes I find it hard to take the show cooler off if I’m riding alone, (or my groom is with other horse) because of the tail rope, is there any way to tide the rug up (so it doesn’t flap when warming up) better than that tail rope?
    About the breeches: in spain cavalleria toscana and animo are the most used brands in showjumping, also equiline… and what most people say about them is:
    The fabric of cavaleria toscana is too thin, great for hot summer days but sometimes they “show up” too much ( mostly in women not as fit as you are) so it woul be great to get a little bit harder fabric like equiline ones.
    Last year cavalleria toscana made a two layer breeches ( the upper one with georgeus tiny holes ) that were tighter and I love them! I’ve been able to use them in winter!
    BTW great job with the blog, keep going!!

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    1. Thank you so much for this very useful message 💖 I will take all of this in consideration! I also like equiline, but in my opinion the fabric is outdated, it is made with cotton and the blue beeches looses the color when they are washed! But other than that I like it! But I am going for a more modern fabric as Cavalleria Toscana😉 but I will try to make it thicker like you said!
      In the front you can put a lot of things, it is just if the horse sweat it can become a sweat layer there and then you have to wash the whole rug instead of just taking the pad of and just wash the pad! But I am making the cut of the rug in a way so it will not harm the horse! Thank you so much again 💖


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