Up at 06.00 HONK KONG TIME

Morning,or its almost good night for you guys! 

Got up at 06.00 because today I’m going back to China and are going to see my products!!

But first breakfast! 😃😋

This is what I chose to eat today! Under that salad on the left it is chicken, noodles, rice noodles +++

Before leaving for the Airport I had time for 20 min of Cardio down at the Gym 

And ready to go 

Hermes Shirt, LV bag, shoes, bracelet,  tiffanies bracelet, Patek Philippe watch and Cartier Love bracelet. + huge empty suitcase where samples will be inside later😉

Took a little Hong Kong taxi to the airport express train! 

In Hong Kong they have a amazing solution that you can check in and drop your bag at the airport express train! 

And so I did 

View from the train 

When I got to the airport in China, I had to wait in this line for the Chinese people to scan my bags, that already had passed the security check in Hong Kong. Ah well, better to be safe

Now I have to go! The factory people have picked me up!

I’ll keep you posted later today! 

3 thoughts on “Up at 06.00 HONK KONG TIME”

    1. Når jeg er helt sikker på at mine design er perfekt og kvaliteten di kan gjøre er perfekt tar det to mnd! Men kanskje bare en mnd! Håper alt blir klart denne uken 😃😃😃😇


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