After showering I tried on some outfits to match my new Chanel sandals ๐ŸŽ€

New skirt from Dolce Gabbana and Chanel tank top

Next outfit, Dior Jacket and Alexander McQueen Skirt

Took the MTR to central and went stright for my favorite Starbucks! It is my favorite because they have such a huge selection, and a very good chicken salad with Granny Smith apples! 

Big and clean! Since it is so many nice shops here, and I am very interested in fashion I can sit “half” outside and look at the people while I’m enjoying my food and frappo! 

And I got the Hong Kong Starbucks worker with me! He can live in the truck with the guy who works at Ferrari๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m also going to buy Francois and Skin presents! So for Francois I went to Louis Vuitton, Francois is reading my blog , and sometimes also writing it! He has my email on his phone also, so if you email me about a horse it can be me or him that answers! The point is, Francois will see this before he gets his present, so it will not be a surprise! But for Skin I will keep it a secret where I’m going and what I’m getting for her๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

The Alexandra Building, the Landmark and The Price building are connected with these bridges! So you don’t have to go out on the street to get to the next building

The toilets are so fresh here! Really decorated!

Here is the big Dior

I love the clothes from Dior, very much my style! Elegant and classy! But I have been so focused on Gucci and Chanel, have forgotten about Dior a while! I have one Dior bag, the quality and the looks are really super! But the top handles are so inconvenient. And they have so many in that style. So I’m not seeing myself buying a Dior bag in the near future. The one I have is beige, and beige and white bag are so fragile, really not recommend that!

The handles does not stay up by them selfs very easy when you start to move with the bag

I did get this little scarf though 

How ever, they have the “hottest” and most popular sun glasses for the moment, this year and last year! The model Dior So Real! I have one, Francois has one, we have another pair I bought in Spain that we share, and I have a pair of Dior Lady Lady! The black ones I have been using all the time down here! I think it is really good to have the two different styles, they really can change a whole look, from being more sporty to more elegant! 

This Dior dress is gorgeous! But as I said, it is my birthday soon, I have made a wish list, so I’m hanging tight for it! The few things I have bought here is things they don’t have in Europe! 

After this my plan was to go with the MTR to Causeway Bay, and check out the Nike Lab! But the sales woman at LV adviced me to be careful in the small streets there at night. So me, my presents and the bear from Starbucks went back to the hotel. 

I put the presents in the room, changed my clothes and went to Causeway Bay

Normally I can walk to Causeway Bay, (if I’m not in high heels) it is just one stop with the MTR, but I don’t know exactly where Nike Lab is if I walk, but if I take the Metro I know what excite to take to get there! 
Are you hungry? Check out the street food!

Funny golf shop 

This is what I bought for Francois today! Nike tank top and a coin wallet from Louis Vuitton!It is perfect supplement for the passport/card holder with room for bank notes, that I gave him for Valentine’s Day! Now he can use them together, like I do! 
I also got new training clothes today! This Nike shorts and top! Happy! I felt so inspired by my new training clothes that I went down to the gym for 30 min cardio!

And I got this LV phone cover! 

I would have bought this bikini, but it was 420 Euro, and as I wrote in one of the previous post, my pants are not on the marked and ridingpants cost from 230 euro to over 300 euro, I’ll thinking it might come for my birthday, typically a thing that my mom would have made a extra effort asking one of her friends in Oslo to buy for her, so she can give to me๐Ÿ’–

Other models:

A smart tip when you pack white clothes in your suitcase is to turn them inside out, so incasesomething spills in the suitecase it will hopefully only leave a mark on the inside, and leave the outside nice and white

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