Sooo good to be H❤ME! So me and Francois spend the whole morning in bed, also some ice cream eating and film watching 

This Ice Cream and is so good! Terrible for me to be allergic to sugar, always feel a bit sick after! But once a week I can eat some!

This is our weekend breakfast, protein pancake, home made grapefruit juice, and half a grape fruit 

After eating I went for cardio up the mouintain 

And took the train down

Went to Manor to get a thing that you can measure angles with, so me and Skin can make the perfect measures and angles for the rugs! Saw this one at Telly Weil, copy of a Gucci shorts! Looks cool I think

Me and Skin took some pictures of one of the models of my riding pants, this model is called: JEM L

The goal is that it can be used as a normal pants, and a riding pants! Like if you are going to try a horse and are just flying back and forward over the day, you can just go with your normal outfit and normal shoes to the airport! And when you get to the location just put on riding boots, and you are ready to ride! Or if you have to go and get groceries after the stable, you can just wear normal shoes and these pants! And nobody can think you look funny
The pants has very strong silicon on the inside of the leg

They are not made in classical jeans fabric, but a soft 4 way stretch look a like jeans! 

With Chanel Loafers

With Parlanti passion riding boots 

Skin with sandals 

Skin with riding boots

After taking pictures I started to ride! Picsou first! Also some pictures of me, Picsou and the pants! 

The right pocket is deep/long enough so you can fit your iPhone/smart phon in it! Very practical 

So this is the first model I can show you! I have two more models that are classic riding pants, also in white! But I am not 100% satisfied with the fabric jet, so you have to wait a little longer to see it! 


Me and Picsou is trotting and end of next week we can start to gallop! After Picsou it was Ice Tea time! We work a lot that he should carry himself, be active behind, and still stay soft in the mount! And that I can put his head low, and that he still stays light in the mouth and carry himself with the hind legs 

I was riding outside but seriously rain came just when I was finishe! Alf was next and we rode inside! Since he had a time off when I was in China and Hong Kong I only rode him 30 min! Las tone for me today was Duc

He has had two days of because he lost a front shoe and was a little hanging in the hand and strong, I did 1000 transition to walk, and after a while he was super again! 

Skin walking Picsou 

I took care for Duc myself after riding and I gave him a good scrub!

Aand he also got ice on the front as he always does after working!  

We use baby zink cream in the mout of the horse after riding 

When I was finished in the stable me and Franc❤is had a romantic dinner at home! He had steak and his favorite shrimps, I had Taco! 

Now we are cudgeling on the sofa watching the rerun of Eurovision, since I missed it when I was in China and Hong Kong 

Before I say good night to you guys, PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK OF THR PANTS?? The price would be between 120 and 150 Euro, hopefully 120 euro!


  1. Liker de ikke. Selve buksa ser ut som en tights, uten noe spesiell fasong. Og det ser ut som de er veldig lave på livet, noe jeg ikke foretrekker. Ville også hatt silikon i rumpa. Men, alt er jo en smakssak! Likte imidlertidig fargen godt

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They look a lot like Levi’s jeans just be careful Levis don’t charge you for looking too much alike! For the rest, top 👌🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like your pants, especially the low hind pockets and the higher waist. Seems that they form a skinny line (although it’s not necessary for both of you). Hope to try them someday😍
    Best Wishes from Germany!

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  4. I’m totally in love with the pants!
    Really beautiful 😍 so glad it’s soft jeans, I have one from eurostar (a jeans) and it’s hard. Only wear it twice 😣 I love jeans a lot but it must be soft!
    Finally someone who thinks about a smartphone. That would be so nice I can ride and have my phone with me😊 this makes me happy.
    Not a single pants that I have, has a properly bag for my phone! Then I’m talking about famous brands….
    You deliverd very good work Eva! Really thought about the development of the products. 😘

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  5. Jeg synes de ser veldig fine ut, sitter bra på, men de store lave lommene synes jeg ikke var noe fint! Synes du burde enten ta de vekk, eller gjøre de mye mindre. Altså forkorte det veldig og gjøre de mye mindre tydelige! men det er bare min mening da! 🙂 elsker bloggen btw!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. They look beautiful, smart and very practicals ! I need it to ride after my day at work 🙂 And very good idea : the big pocket for smartphones 🙂 Good job ! Could we buy them in France ?

    Liked by 1 person

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