Skin rode Ice today, they went for a long interval training session in the forest! 

When I came to the stables I rode Duc first! Sice we were jumping yesterday I just rode some light dressage! And this picture is taken when me and Skin change the horses, I take Alf’i and she takes Duc back to the stable! 


Check out the look Duc is giving me on this picture 😂😂😂 wonder what he is thinking

Alf fishing for carrots 🥕🥕🥕

Last horse for me today was Picsou! Should not gallop before the end of the week, but he got scared for a grass clipper and did one round gallop before I could stop him! Happy that he feels fresh! Picsou💖

Went home! Me and Francois at the gym! Wearing a new training top! PROUD! 

Do you guys want me to make a VLOGG on how I stay fit and find motivation to exercise? And eat healthy? Or would that be boring? Should I also make a Vlogg about mental training?  

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