But first riding 😍

Or first cardio! I went for a 3.5km run in the neighborhood where I live, before my doctor appointment at 10.00, but it went looooong… I have to go to Geneva on Friday and shit on a X-ray. You heard me right. So embarrassing. But I have some problems after “that person” attacked me. I don’t want to complain about them here to you, I wish to inspire you and have happy reading! And I also try to focus on all the positive aspect of my life💖 and how blessesd I am to love Francois❤ and that he loves me back😇

When I was finally finished at the doc I went to the stable!

My outfit today! HERMES shirt, belt and bracelet 

First out today was Alf’i💫

We went to ride on the filed! Also rode Duc here! When Skin came over with MP (one of Duc’S nick names/ MP for Mariposa) she took these pictures of me and Alf!

Duc and skin! 

Me and Alf! I am always training him to stretch himself out and be long! Loooooong horse! Nose out, relaxed! 

When I was finishe trotting of Alf, skin took him back to the stable and I got Duc

After that Francois picked me up in the stable and we went to buy sunbeds we can leave at the pool!

Waiting at Jysk

sunbeds check 

Season passes for the POOL – Check 

Sunbeds all set up 

Skin one of my fitness inspiration 

Me, this bikini is from Breshka! So no fancy brand! But I love it

I get easy sunburned on my chest, so I use this new Nike top I bought in Hong Kong when I start to feel like itchy on the chest 

After napping, time for swimming!

Francois likes to take the stairs in to the water, while I prefer the lather, so I walk down a couple of steps and trow myself in 

Now we are going back to the stable because I’m gonna ride Ice Tea and Picsou 

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