More riding and Dinner at MAJESTIC

Yesterday we went back to the stable to ride Ice and Pic after we were finished at the pool! 

I first, did some small exercise making him wait between some poles and small jumps! 

Getting candy after training 😍🥕🥕

Then Picsou 😍 

Picsou when he had in mind a wild gallop in the forest and realize he has dressage only in Trott at the paddock again! Refusing to walk 😂

Still just trotting with him! Gallop on Sunday! Can’t wait! Making himself cute after training 😍 maybe apples comes then? I have a rule, no eating in this place, because I don’t want them to start to beg and be naughty while they are being groomed! Good grooming in itself should be reward enough 

Me and Francois had a shower and went to Montreux for dinner 😃 Love it when he puts on his fancy clothes for me❤

I am wearing my Dior coat, Gucci shoes, my everyday Louis Vuitton bag, stockings from Wolford 

Versace dress and bracelet 

View is amazing and so was the food 

Ill check in here later with updates on today 

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