This is how me and Francois❤ started our Saturday! Home made protein pancakes

After that I went for a run/walk in the mouintain! Many people ask me how I stay so fit! This is one of the tings I do, run and walk uphill! If you don’t have a mouintain where you live you can find a place that have stairs and run up there!

On my way up I always see the train I take down to my car

Love to see the animals 😍

On the train down, alsways so content! Such a good feeling to have completed it! I burn 800 KCAL up there! Sometimes I can be less motivated to run, but this walk is super! Because once you have started, it’s so steep so it’s no turning back! The only way is up! I love my body to much to let it go down so steep for so long!

Home showered and went to Montreux with Francois! He seriously went all in to get me a new summer dress! But no luck! Is it like that for you guys also? At one point you find so many things in the shop that is perfect for your style, and other periods you don’t find anything. I did not think it was a big deal, because my birthday is on Monday, but him stressing about finding something makes me think he maybe did not buy a present jet? 😂 I’m sure you have it under control baby! 

Posing with my new Chanel sun glasses! These once are just out, and they are from the coming fall line! They were on display in the window, and I got them for being a good girl at the doctors on Friday! Haha, almost like a child, but you can not imagine how embarrassing it was to get medication, go in the X-ray tube and being forced to crap on the X-rays while doctors was watching😐😕. 

After trying to do some shopping we went to eat 

Francois dropped me off in the stable and I went to ride!

My riding outfit, Ralph Lauren shirt, new Chanel belt, JEM L pants, and of course KEP ITALIA helmet 

First out was Duc, rode him first a lot forward and made him active with his hindlegs! Afterwords transitions, then deeep and looooose! Collected him, I had to be really concentrated, when I collect him it is important that he does not only slow down the speed but stays more active in a shorter canter

Then Alf’i! Me and Alf rode dressasge and then some schooling over low jumps and poles 

I also rode Picsou that was so wild, I almost could not get on him! Skin had alredy did some interwall training with Ice in the morning, so I rode him only short, a bit loosening dressage! 

Me and Skin build jumps before I went home! Have a good evening guys 

4 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. Så fine outfit, både på shopping og på hesteryggen! 😀 Kunne du tenkt deg å delt oppskrift på protein pannekakene i ett innlegg? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So nice you can go running in the nature!
    The goats are so cute 😍 if I had the op opportunity to work with animals and outside I would directly change my job.
    You’re blessed Eva!
    I can’t wait until your collection is online!

    Liked by 1 person

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