Last night riding and this morning☀️

On our way home me and my KING👑Francois❤ stopped by the stables and I rode Picsou and Alf’i!

Tested this new Oreo Ice cream in the car on our way home! Good I would say! Remind me a little of the Norwegian ice cream sandwich 

When we came to the stables we meet Duc and Skin who was on their way back from a looooong ride

Picsou loves getting groomed 

He does not feel 100% fresh, so Francois took the decsission that he needs to go and get a check up tomorrow. Skin walking him off for me! 

Me riding Alf! He had very hard internvall training yesterday so I only rode him light and deep in the shape! He was a very good and relaxed 

This morning I started the day by going for cardio up the mouintain, and of course seeing the usual goats in the usual spot 😂Not far before I take the train I pass by this house, the people that live there must love cows! I admire their decorations 

On the train sweaty and nice 

Me and Skin has been with the truck for some reparations and I’m going to jump with Calla now! Full update of course tonight!  Com on and comment on my blog guys! Even if you don’t have a wordpress account you can comment! Just write your name and email, that’s enough! 


4 thoughts on “Last night riding and this morning☀️”

  1. I love your blog because I am able to read it with my Text-to-speech software because I can’t read it on Instagram . So I didn’t know your story before you started this blog. Before I started reading your blog I was impressed by your riding skills but now I’m also impressed By you as a person.🤗
    / Sofia

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  2. Jag tycker om din blogg eva. Den har lite av allt. Häst, vacker miljö, kärlek…och mycket positivt. Lite som du verkar vara som person. Fortsätt blogga det är jätteroligt att följa dig ❤

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