Late updates 

The day just went so fast! But here it is: got up early and went for the mouintain cardio! The goats was there as usual

If you want to change something in your life, or loose wight, make it happen! Get up 30 min earlier before work and take a power walk or a little run in your neighborhood, maybe a little “round” and make it a routine!

Afterwords we went for fitting ! My outfit for today 

And some starbucks!

Then riding , riding outfit, Armani t-shirt, Hermes belt, Parlanti passion! The belt buckle is the same as usual on this belt size, but the leather is new, for it for my birthday! When you have bought a belt kit from Hermes with belt buckle and leather, you can choose to only buy more leather to use on the same buckle! Cool 

Me and Alf rode dressage on the field  

Working with Ice in the paddock 

We were a bit late for the gym today, so I just changed my pants in to short and kept the same tshirt as I used in the stables 

Dinner, me salmon, quinoa, sweet and sour s, Francois Belgium shrimps, tomato, melon and salmon 

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