Tuesday in the car 

Me and Francois went to check out a horse today direction Zurich! Far drive! Before we left I went running and Francois went walking 

I feel like I have a fever and troth pain, but still I follow my work out schedule! 

Today is the first time I am wearing my Gucci tshirt that I bought in Hong Kong! EXCITED 

We went a quick stop to the Doctor before we headed towards the horse! 

I am sick so Francois was driving the whole way , and I was napping

At the horse it went well 

Jumped good and was nice to ride 

When I try a horse the most important for me is that he is positive and have the scoop to jump the jumps that I want! That we have a good connection and that he is healthy 

On the way home I felt better and I got a Ice Cream, and helped out with the driving

When I got home, even though I’m still feeling sick I went out for a 4km run! Why I am so fit? I am true to my workout program! ANYONE CAN DO IT

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