Course jumping Sunday 

Hi guys! I just finished jumping Alf’i and he was SOO SUPER! Want to tell you a little about my day before I take Ice Tea!

Started the morning by jogging 7 km and going to the gym with Francois 

Then we went down to the stables, and fixed the jumps a little for training today! First out was Alf’i! 

My outfit of today! New Gucci t-shirt designed by  AllesandroMichele, Chanel belt / Karl Lagerfeld, Cavalleria Toscana pants, Kep ITALIA and Parlanti passion boots! Apples and Carrots with me out to the arena! 🐴🥕💖

We jumped a easier course today because I wanted to try to jump higher with him! 

He was really amazing 

Already form the start today he was 100% relaxed, and then it was the perfect day to try higher! It is not a good idea to jump high if the horse is stressed or you have to chase the horse over the jumped! I was relaxed and concentrated and so was the horse! So happy! 

We even put 3 holes higher than the first pictures for the whole course! 

Now I am going to take Ice Tea, Alf is getting ice on his legs and I will updated how the rest of the day went later 😉

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