Good boy 🐴Ice❄️Tea🍹

Ice Tea was next and it went really super! In the warm up he did not attack the jump at all! Stayed calm and waited the whole time!!😍

When I started to jump the course I think we both got a bit more excited, so I stopped, trotted him until he was completely calm and relaxed and then me and Ice Tea did the course clear! JIPPII

Last week Duc jumped 3 times so this week no jumping for him! We went for a ride in the forest instead! 

Carrots are with us! 

Happy Duc! 

On the way home we stopped for some grass 😋

Skin was at the clinic pickin up Jill(5 min drive to the clinic) , and sice I was giving her a lesson on Calla afterwords, Calla was tied up ready to ride in the box!

I changed the ice on Alf! And of course I took care of Duc!



Picsou enjoying the sun🐴💖⭐☀️ 

Calla and Skin! Me in my ready to go to the pool outfit! 

Skin and Calla jumped their first course today and was really good! 

Me and Francois went to the pool also, even though in he afternoon the sun was a bit behind clouds, it was still 29 degrees! 

Hermes today

Gucci bracelet

Before we went home we had some Mc Donald’s! I am not such a big fan of it anymore, but had been sweating so much today so the salty pomme firites was really good! 

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