Thursday in San Remo 

Started the day with a BIG BREAKFAST, eating way to many things that are bad for me! Breakfast outfit

 Chanel Bikinin and accessories  

Loads of sparkles 

The beach is so niche here, you can choose if you want to go on a latter down to the ocean from the rocks, or walk out on the sand 

Skin and me did some swimming and went to the stable! 

I actually jogged up there! And back after of course 

My riding outfit today, ridingpants made by me, this model is called JEM, and Chanel t-shirt 

First horse was Alf! Rode a lot forward and made him relax in the bigger phase, and also focused on shortening him up but still keeping the neck out! Did also some rounds really fast gallop in the begging to get the energy out! Some horses need to be fresh before a competition, orher once need to be more physically and mentally a little “tired” to be able to relax in the ring !All in all very good today!

Next up was Ice Tea! His work today was to stay on the hind legs, be active, carry himself and having a low form! This goes very good in Trott, quite okey in left canter, but harder in right canter! So worked a lot on that! Every time he becomes strong, long, looses his balance and start to put to much wight in the hand and on his front, I make a transition to walk, to balance up! Or I take a very small circle and ride forward and let the small circle collect and balance him up. 

Last horse for me was Duc! He needs to be between fresh and tired to the show tomorrow! So I worked him medium hard! Worked a lot on making him go forward in balance and come back to be in balance! He was super I also have Skin a lesson on Calla! They worked on the position of Skin, and bending Calla on a straight line (more difficult than a circle) and also riding her stright

My friend Geneviev and me! As you see I have changed in to a skirt, so warm here! Nice when I was teaching

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