Friday and the show is starting! 

Started the morning by jogging up to the stables at 06.00!

Me and Skin morning ride Alf and Calla! Riding outfit, my own riding pants JEM ONE SEEM, and a Armani T-shirt with glitter

Me and Skin riding out of the stables focus today was to get the two horses to relax as much as possible! No pressure, low long neck in all 3 gates! Both horses was good

Skin and CallaJogged back to the hotel, quick shower, show clothes on, had breakfast, and took the car back to the show! Check out the shirt! Made by me!

My first start was with Alf in 130! I was a bit worried that he would spook on the grass, because it is grass and a beautiful arena filled with flowers and color full jumps! But he was super! We had one down, but the rest was great! What do you think of my show jacket? It’s called GLAM! And comes in black also! 

I meet some Instagram and blog followers! Here is me, Antonella and her beautiful girls💖 it was awesome to meet them! 

Next horse was Duc in the GP qualifier, had one down here also! But Duc felt really good and I am very happy with the round! On him I am wearig another riding jacket called So COOL, with a lot of holes in!  The name is because it is a Cool jacket, not warm, but also cool in a Fashion way! I have one in Black also, that we gave to Helena Lundback! Here is me and DucI also jumped Ice Tea in the Grand Prix qualifier! He was listening to me and we had a good round, although the result does not state it! Oh well, new day tomorrow! The most important is that the ridabiliy improves, and it does! On ICE I am wearing the GLAM jacket in black 

After cuddleling loads with the horses, feeding them, giving carrots and looking after 😃 I went back to the hotel for some pool time! Pool outfit of the day! Hermes bikini 

Nike T-shirt over since I’m a bit sun burned in the evening Skin was jumping with Calla in he one star, so I got dressed and went to help her! Skin and Calla did a beautiful clear round in 110! And Skin rode really well! PROUD of them!!! This is skin before start going trough the course, and wearing the SO COOL jacket in red  PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE JACKETS!! And for you who thinks you have to have a wordpress account to comment, you don’t need that! Just fill in Name and email, make the comment and hit send! Maybe you have to fill in some crypted letters in a box to show your not a robot! That’s all

In the evening me, Skin, her mother Lisa, her sister Gus, and their friend Chrissy went out to eat 

Skins family the other day 

14 thoughts on “Friday and the show is starting! ”

  1. Hi , super Eva !!! First of all thanks for posting our beautiful photos together 😃… and second one l want to say to everyone that all the clothing stuff worn by Eva is great … fashionable , light and very comfortable !! I tested it directly with my eyes and on my body wearing the jacket here in Sanremo …. so Eva many compliments to you and your creativity !!!! Antonella ❤️

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  2. Cool jackets, but jacket named So COOL I would choose better :)) jacket GLAM is too shiny, I like more classic jackets 😃 and you know what, black colour really suits you! 🙂

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  3. Well done Skin!!! You must be proud at her.
    Always nice that a lot of training and work brings good results.
    The red jacket is so lovely. I never wear black jackets. I prefer a dark bleu one. Do you never wear bleu riding jackets?
    I hope I can see you ride once like Antonella! 😘

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    1. Hi Joke! I’m a red riding jacket girl! I have a blue animo, but I never use it! I think it is beautiful, but always end up putting the red one on😃 hope to see you two


  4. Hi Eva! I love love your blog and instagram! Cant wailt till you post the next picture haha. I want to ask you, i noticed gou hold your hands high between the jumps — why is that? I noticed thay my horse reacts better when i have my hands lover, his head is not forced to be in a stong angle i think. Can you please explain it to me? Im really curious 🙂
    Greetings from czech republic!

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    1. It depends on what horse I ride! I do it to lift a horse up that is to much “hanging” on the front! I made a Vlogg about it! Go to my YouTube Channel evaursin and find a video called “alternative way to make a strong horse listen”


  5. So I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to jackets I wear so while I love the idea of a light cool show jacket I didnt really love the shine. I do like the cut and the lace is growing on me. Personally I like dark Navy coat or if I’m going crazy I would get a plaid or grey. My biggest need is to have a coat that will look good for multiple disaplines instead of having multiple coats.

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  6. Hi Eva!!!! Love reading your blogg, about the jackets I think the ones that are not shiny are the better they look more elegant.
    If you have time could you please give me an advice on looking for a distance please, most of the time I get it right but some others I missed it and I get really frustrated I’m doing classes of 1.10-1.20, so it’s not a class where you can get mistaken or hope the horse will save it for you. I would really appreciate if you could read this. Thank you very much! Have a great time showing!!! Greetings from Mexico!! Lots of love!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I made a YouTube video about that

      Practices like that and soon your brain will be able to see/recognize 3 strides before the jump! When you see at least 3 strides before the jump you have the chance to make the horse wait more or go more forward to the distance! Good luck


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