Started the day like yesterday, 

Jogging up to the stables! The run is about 2.5 km! Perfect to start the day! When I got up, I changed my clothes in the truck and was ready to ride some dressage on Alf’i 

Alf was actually a bit more spooky today, there is a tree wall, or what can I call it?? I take a picture of it tomorrow! Between the paddock and the restaurant, and when dogs and people pop up there he jumps to the side, or do a 180 and head out the other way 😂 anyway, we got it shorted out, and he finally relaxed😅 me holding the roof up 😂

Jogged back to the hotel! Shower/show clothes/ breakfast -back to the show and jump Ice in the Grand Prix qualifier! And I have to say, today it went super! Had one down, but he was AWESOME! 

Afterwords it was me and Alf’i! First 140 on grass, we also had one down! He was GREAT 

Then it was Duc time! Light flat work, mostly walk and Trott for him today 

And here is the GO TO THE RING RUG! As you can see it is perfect for the horse to use while he is tacked up waiting for his rider! 

The details with the “low” tail strap, and the rubber band under the belly secures it from flying up in case  of wind or if the horse gets wild! And it is extra long to prevent fly’s to irritate the horse legs 

Calla and Skin!

 They also did a light training pass today!
Looked really good! 

In the evening I went out to eat with some friends! My outfit 

The city of San Remo is beautiful! And the food was also very good! 30 euro for a 3 course 

2 thoughts on “MOOOORNING SATURDAY ☀️”

    1. Hi! They are first fore sale in about one/two months! Must make sure they are 100% perfect first 😉 I will write it on the blog and on Instagram when they are ready 😍


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