Wednesday and back in SanRemo

Hi Guys! Started the day with a run! Then me and Skin went to the grocery store! Check out the Hermes sandals😍matching with the bracelet and the Hermes shirt! Haha and the Barbie! 

Then a locksmith came and changed the locks in the truck! Because I lost the only key we have left last week, luckely Crissy found it! But now we are not taking any chances with loosing it again, so new looks and loads of new keys to take good care of 

I ride Alf first! All the horses has had two days of only hand walking, or Alf’i was longed a little yesterday! But other than that just handwalked! I think it is good for their body and their mind to have some rest after showing! Then they recuperate and are fresh and happy to work again! 

I was anticipating Alf being really spooky and wild, but he was relaxed and concentrated! Perfect!  

Next horse was Ice Tea, he also surprised by listening really well! Very good boy! So happy with him today! Did a lot of transitions, and also increasing and decreasing the speed! Aslo rode on some poles! And yeah, outfit of the day, my own JEM L pants, Chanel belt, earrings and T-shirt, Parlanti passion boots, and Kep Italia helmet!

I rode Duc as last horse, rode him together with Calla and Skin! Skin rode Calla to perfection today! Very relaxed and concentrated! Specially in the end! Well done Skin! She even rode her stright!⭐ me and Duc, Calla and Skin 

Me and Duc worked a lot on the balance! To be able to ride forward and collect and still have a good balance in the horse, and me! Was first a little stif, and fresh, but became super in the end! Really sweat! 

I put these beautiful Eskadron climatex bandages on Duc! I love to do that if I have time 😍, no hind boots 

Went for a run🏃‍♀️ down town and back for the truck! I am living in the truck today ! Check out the Pink Puma shirt, got it from Skin for my birthday 🎂 Thank you Skin💖

Lovely flowers on the way up to the equestrian center! And good temperature also in the evening

Now me and Skin are eating and watching modern family in the truck! Soon bed 

Also just want to share this picture from my BFF Nashmil snap chat! Such a beautiful picture of Varola and her son 💖

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